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Luke 1:50 - “His mercy is from age to age to those who fear him.”

"Fear of God is that sense of responsibility that we are bound to possess, responsibility for the portion of the world that has been entrusted to us in our lives. It is responsibility for the good administration of this portion of the world and of history, and one thus helps the just building of the world, contributing to the victory of goodness and peace." - Homily, August 15, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI

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Come, follow me…

Mark 10:21 says “There is one thing you lack, come, follow me.”

No matter how dedicated I am to working for the Church, how much I serve, how much I give, there is always the one thing that lacks. That is simply to follow Christ. In everything, in every situation, in every friendship, in my attitude, my actions….EVERYTHING is a reflection of how I follow HIM.

but, I am…

Restless. That’s where I’ve been. It’s like I’m fighting this storm, that really was only created by me. As the Lumineers wrote in “Big Parade” who will win this civil war. Referring to a Catholic priest who fell in love with a girl and was choosing between Jesus or her.

It’s doesn’t matter if you’re a priest as the one in the song, we all are sitting there choosing which will make us happier.

That’s what it’s been for the past few months. I love Christ, but I also enjoy things this world offers. Things that may seem that satisfy me now, but not eternally. I’m fighting to have both. I can’t. You really can’t.

It’s Him or it’s not. 

Because of this my soul has become restless, lost, and meaningless. I just turned 28 and there a lot of things I haven’t accomplished thinking that I would. That makes me sad, but why? Cause the world sees something completely different for my life then God does. I need to start seeing the greatness that God does for me. The blessings and the graces he pours out, and the love and willingness to go and search for me, when I’ve gone astray. He does that for each one of us. He’s doing it for you, me, our loved ones, and everyone at the moment who’s lost, abandoned, alone, suffering, etc.

Blessed Pope John Paul II wrote, “He keeps calling you. He keeps inviting you. Yes, Christ calls you, but he calls you in truth. His call is demanding, because he invites you to let yourselves be ‘captured’ by him completely, so that your whole lives will be seen in a different light….True living is not found in one’s self or in things. It is found in Someone else, in the One who created everything that is good, true and beautiful in the world. True living is found in God and you discover God in the person of Jesus Christ.

Start finding who HE is in prayer, as sinful as you may be, start following Him, cause “he has the power to uplift hearts” (BJP2) Those hardened hearts of ours he will renew and restore. 

As we approach the Lenten season let’s take the time to reflect on what we can do that will make us say a faith-filled yes, and to desire not the things of this world today, but to desire that eternal life that He has promised!



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We (SINNERS) in NEED of a physician (GOD)

Mark 2:17: "When Jesus heard this, he said to them, ‘Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick;  I have come to call not the righteous but sinners.’"

Blessed Pope John Paul II tells us that in this passage we are taught that if one wishes to change the world, it is necessary first of all to change man’s heart.

I’ve been a youth minister for the past two years, and as I continue to talk with youth and having them talk about themselves in the world, most of them seem very discouraged cause they feel they don’t have a meaning, purpose, yet they want to make a change. 

I also know there are many people out there that have issues about things, and want to change them.

However, the questions we must ask, is what are we doing to change our hearts? 

If you don’t know, then trying to change the world will become impossible. Only possible way to begin the process, starts with ourselves. 

Why and how?

Why, because most of us like to see the world from our own eyes, and not God’s. If we begin to see it like He does, we will know the things that need to change. But I can guarantee that means changing our perspective first.

How do we begin to change our hearts?

1. You PRAY! You ask God to begin turning that harden heart into a more loving heart like His. (Must be open and trusting)

2. You begin to change those habits and start changing your attitudes. Because eventually when you change your attitude you will begin to change your thoughts, words, and actions.

3. If you get lost, discouraged, forget, PRAY again, and reflect. 

4. SHARE the Good News! Having our hearts change, is a testimony of God’s work, love, and grace. Sharing only inspires others, and brings 

them closer to God. 

#4 is how we begin to change the world. That’s how we “change man’s heart.” With GOD anything IS possible! 

We (sinners) are sick and need of a doctor (God). Turn to HIM NOW!

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Praying for Vocations today! Yours and mine! May we hear when God calls!

One Hail Mary goes a long way! 

Follow Christ! You who are single or who are preparing for marriage. Follow Christ! You who are young or old. Follow Christ! You who are sick or aging, you who feel… the need of a friend. Follow Christ!" -Blessed Pope John Paul II

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image"Lord, when will I learn this charity! What a beautiful ideal - to be aware of each one’s need and to give until the need is met. Some need to be listened to; others need guidance. Some need encouragements; others, instruction. And still others, inspiration. I mustn’t be unaware or unconcerned. Some even need food, clothing, money—-and all need desperately to know that they are accepted and loved just as they are! Lord, let me see. Freely have You given to me; let me freely give. I will look around today to see the needs!"

We need Christ so much! Through our sufferings, pains, heartache, anger, sadness, loneliness, depression, happiness, we should still seek Him. He knows us too well. Turn to him today in prayer. The graces and mercy he will bestow on you will help you to see that you are accepted and loved. If we could do this everyday and rely only on him, then will we be humble enough to be concerned with the needs of others. To help lead the astray, lost, and forgotten brother/sister back to Christ. 

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